Who is D'Harmoni Telco Infra?

D’Harmoni Telco Infra Sdn Bhd was awarded the NFP license from Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commisions (MCMC) to provide, monitor and ensure all the telecommunication infrastructures in the state of Johor to be more organized, safe and suitable.

My area does not have network coverage. Where do I make a request?

D’Harmoni Telco Infra Sdn Bhd has built more than 700 towers around Johor. Please report to MCMC if your area doesn’t have good or any coverage.

Do the towers cause harmful radiation?

Based on researches from MCMC, ANM (Malaysian Nuclear Agency) & others related agencies, we don’t have a solid reasons that these towers can cause harmful radiation. In this page, we provide the result from ANM & frequent asked questions about telecommunication structures for your perusal.

What type of structures does D'Harmoni Telco Infra Sdn Bhd provide?

D’Harmoni Telco Sdn Bhd has 6 main structures which we provide in both rural & urban areas: three-legged tower, lampole, monopole, monopole tree, minaret and lampole slim.