Frequently Asked Questions

Who is D'Harmoni Telco Infra?

D’Harmoni Telco Infra Sdn Bhd, has the NFP license from MCMC, to provide, monitor and ensure all the telecommunication infrastructure in The State of Johor to be more organized, safe and suitable.

Why is my area don't have any coverage?

D’Harmoni Telco Infra has built 700 tower around Johor. We covered all Urban and rural areas. You are requested to report directly to MCMC and follow the procedures.

What type of structures does D'Harmoni Telco have?

D’Harmoni Telco Sdn Bhd consist of 6 main structures which built in both rural & urban areas. There are tower, lampole, monopole, monopole tree, minaret and lampole slim.

Can the tower cause harmful radiation?

The answer is no. In this page, D’Harmoni Telco Infra Sdn Bhd has provided a research and prospectus from Malaysia Nuclear Agency.

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